The exhibit “The Flower That Doesn’t Wilt: I’m the Evidence” will open at Seodaemun Prison History Museum on March 2.

Featuring the work of 14 comic artists, the exhibit - which tells the stories of the “Comfort Women” - was shown at the Angouleme International Comics Festival in France.


Collaboration with Haberdashers(Korean preppy brand)
Photo by Streetper.

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Pond and reflections, Jeongdok Public Library, Bukchon Hanok Village.



I’ve been devouring backpacking blogs. Turns out they’re all kind of messed up in a really homogenous way! Enjoy this Backpacker Blog BINGO Card, courtesy of me and my pal Maria.

Lol…thankfully I’m only guilty of having stretched ears, and the occasional toilet post >_>

oooops we had a couple of dutch guys who spent 4 days in our hostel talking about how much they hated Korea and were constantly trying to hook up with korean girls. they were the worst. also every ESL teacher/backpacker looking for Korean women THE MOMENT THEY GOT IN. 


"The More the Better," erected in 1988 by iconic Korean-American artist Nam June Paik.

Composed of 1,003 television sets - a reference to Korea’s Oct. 3 national foundation name - the 22.8m-high pagoda was built for the Seoul Olympic Games. It is now housed at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, in a specially designed hall with a spiral walkway that takes you to the top of the tower.


video showing their dormitories here

this is fucking sickening. 



historic present 001, 151 x 190 cm, c-print, 2010

historic present 002, 160 x 127 cm, pigment print, 2010

historic present 005, 160 x 127 cm, pigment print, 2010


SO COOL! *o*

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